Protect your lawn from heat stress with custom fertilizer
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We figure out what your lawn needs so you don’t have to
Our lawn engine combines satellite mapping and local climate data with the results of your personal soil sample (test kit included in your first shipment) to create a custom subscription plan for your lawn.

You'll know it's time to fertilize when a brand new box arrives at your front door. No more guesswork.
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How to treat a heat stressed lawn
(the Sunday way)
Time when and how much you water
Water early in the morning to prevent evaporation before the water reaches the roots, and water at least 1-inch of water per week. But watering 2 to 3 times per week is best.
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Remember to mow high
Taller grass grows deeper roots which can access more water and nutrients for a stronger, more resilient lawn. Make sure to set your mower blades on the highest level, and keep them sharp.
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Feed your lawn the right nutrients
Sunday fertilizers contain better ingredients for you and your lawn, without the toxic stuff. Your lawn will thank you for the seaweed and beet juice extract that help your soil stay saturated longer and cope with drought stress.
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